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This page will be used for passing information to all member clubs.

If you or your club wish to use this facility please send details to Barry Jones.

This must include your name and club.

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Barry Jones, Web Master (bjbowls21@aol.com)

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07/09/2016 The finals of this years Cup competitions are - Sid Stephens Trophy : White Hart v WCWMC at KNBC at 7pm start on Wednesday 14th September (no handicap for either side).  Kendrick Trophy : KGV v Triplex at KNBC 7pm. start on Friday 16th September.  All support will be welcome.  A card will be run each evening to help support cost of floodlights.  Bev

04/08/2016 The Dave Hibberd Singles Merit will be held at Woodbourne Bowling Club on Sunday 14th August 11am start.
At the moment we have 25 entries so any additional entries will be very limited. Gary is willing to go up to 32 so to guarantee a place they would need to contact Gary, but once they do they will be committed to pay the 5 entry fee even if they don't turn up. Alternatively they can take pot luck on the day in case there are places available or people don't turn up. Bev

26/07/2016 Please remember that Northfield singles merit will be held on Sunday 14th August. The closing date for entries is 31st July 2016 entrance fee is 5 and entry can be made by email and payment made on the day or by bank transfer as follows:-
Electronic transfer details, Account name Northfield & District, sort code 40 11 13, account number 11740598, Bev

05/07/2016 INFORMATION for 2016Please note that the Northfield & District Doubles merit is to be held on Tally Ho Police on Sunday 10th July starting at 11am. I attach a list of the entries for you to notify your club members. (Go to Merits & Comps and follow the link). Please note if one of the pair is unavailable a substitute is allowed. Bev

29/04/2016 The draw for the next round of the Kendrick Trophy and Sid Stephens Cup is now on line.  Go to League Statistics and then 2016 Cup Fixtures.  Bev Pritchard

12/04/2016  Unfortunately Baldwin B have had to withdraw from the League due to a lack of players.  All teams in Division 2 will therefore have 2 further bye weeks.

Following the AGM at the March Committee Meeting we discussed at great length different options to help clubs struggling to field 8 players every week but there were problems with each option discussed.  The Committee will continue to look at this over the season but would welcome any suggestions from member clubs.

First round cup matches were played this weekend and most clubs entered the result directly on to the website which is greatly appreciated.  We are just waiting the result of Alcester and Kings Norton.  Also KGV and WCWMC match still to be played.

The draw for the first round of the Sid Stephens Cup will take place at the Committee Meeting on 18th April and clubs will be notified of who they are playing the following day.

The Kendrick Rose Bowl runs through from the original draw so you should now be able to see who you have in the next round at the earliest opportunity.  Please ensure you contact your opponents in good time to meet the 12th June deadline and if you are having problems arranging a date do not leave it to the last minute to contact Cup Secretary Gary.

Please note that Baldwin B won their first round cup match, so Triplex A have a bye into the quarter finals.  We will send out an updated draw for the Kendrick Rose Bowl second round and Sid Stephens 1st round draw on 19th April.    Bev Pritchard, Secretary.

30/03/2016  Kendrick Trophy Due to Ye Old Knowle dropping out, there is a slight change to the first round draw.  The preliminary round has been eliminated with the two clubs that would have been involved going straight into the first round proper.  Details of the changes are Warstock v Colebrook A and Valley v R.S.J.C  Gary Pritchard.

14/03/2016  Kendrick Trophy  The draw for the Kendrick Trophy is now on line.  Go to League Statistics (in left hand side column) and then click on green button "2016 Cup Fixtures/Results"  The preliminary round is at the bottom of the list and only affects Warstock A v Valley.  The winner of this round will play Colebrook A in the first round which is showing as the Winner of Match 1001 in the fixture list.  All first round draws will play on 10th April as there are no league fixtures on this date.  Once you have entered the result there is no need to send a card to Gary, Barry, Bev or anyone else, just keep it for reference should a query be raised.  All match results should be entered on the new system but see Rule 5 update below. Gary Pritchard & Barry Jones

29/02/2016  Update rule 5 of cup rules to:-
The Captain of the WINNING team on the day of the contest shall be responsible for entering the result on the website or forwarding the result electronically or by FIRST CLASS POST to reach the FIXTURE SECRETARY by the SECOND DAY after the CLOSING DATE FOR THE ROUND. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL INCUR A 5 FINE doubled if not paid within 30 days.
Bev Pritchard League Secretary

18/02/2016 All results should be entered using on-line scoring system.  If any club has a problem using this system cards can still be sent by first class post.  Any card not received by Wednesday will incur a fine of five pounds.
League tables, averages, fixtures and other information can be viewed on the Northfield and District Bowling Associations website at: 
northfield.crowngreen.com Barry Jones Match Secretary

12/01/2016         Will you please arrange for a representative of your club to attend the Northfield & District AGM on Sunday 31st January 2016 11am at Kings Norton Ex. there is a fine for non attendance of 5.

I am attaching the following for your information.

AGM 2015 Minutes
Agenda for the 2016 meeting
Club form for completion
Annual Accounts (these have not yet been audited)
2016 proposed League formation

Please let me have your Club details as soon as possible as it would be helpful to have this information prior to the AGM.

As you will see the club form includes the League fees which as per the existing rules are payable at the AGM. This is a bit of an anomaly as these fees are not agreed until the AGM.
I will propose a rule change next year so that fees are payable at or before the collection meeting so that I can send out a club account with the agreed fees on. To comply with the current rule for this year I have included a fee of 40 per team which is an increase of 5 per team to compensate for the loss of the raffle. Please note that this may change if the members decide at the AGM on a different figure. As per current rule "A surcharge of 5 will be levied if League fees are not paid by the AGM".
Finally please confirm receipt of this email so that I can ensure your club is aware of the meeting or if you are no longerclub secretary please let me know the email address of the new secretary. Regards Bev Pritchard Secretary & Treasurer

Match Secretary & Web Master’s Report 2015/16

It seems just a few weeks since the end of the season but here we are again sorting things out for the 2016 season.

The main change for 2016 is the introduction of a new result system whereby clubs enter results themselves directly on line. This has been operating for a few years in several leagues including the Summit Garage and the Dudley League. The system is devised by MB Bowling Results and is very simple to use, unlike the Warwick and Worcester system which is not as straight forward. A demo page can been found at www.bowlingresults.co.uk so that clubs can try out the system for themselves.
A 4 digit password will be required to enter results into the new system and these will be sent out to clubs in time for the start of the season.
Results must be entered on line within 48 hours of the games being played and the cards do not have to be sent to me, but should be retained for future reference in case of any queries.
I must be notified of all postponed games by text or email (not a phone call as I occasionally need proof of a postponement) in order that this can be recorded on the site. I also must have full names and BCGBA numbers for all club members. Fines for unregistered players will still apply, so please register all your members. I will be the only person able to enter players on to club lists, so it is imperative that you notify me of new members during the season. You have up to 11am on the date of the match to let me have their details.
Obviously any club that requires help in mastering the change over will receive as much help as I can give them, so if you do have any queries or problems with the results system please let me know.
Three clubs have withdrawn from the League and we have an additional B side being entered by Romsley, which currently will make 5 divisions – one of 10 teams, three of 9 teams and one of 8 teams.
Hopefully the season will start with good weather and we will have a brilliant summer.
You will notice that changes have been made to the web site ready for the new season and the new system of entering results. Barry Jones Match Secretary/Web Master